Digital Marketing Course In Kempapura, Bangalore

  • Learn 20+ Modules | 12+ Certifications | Internship | 50+ Tools
  • 130 Hrs of Classroom Training | Lifetime Refresher Classes
  • Pay in Easy Installments | 100% Placement Assistance

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  • Learn from Highly Experienced Trainer (12+ Years)
  • Internship Opportunity for Fresher Digital Marketers
  • Real Time Training with Live Projects to Practice & Get Hands-on Exposure.
  • Google Adwords Certifications, Analytics, Facebook, Bing and Digital Marketing Certification.
  • Freelance Support to Generate Extra Money
  • 100% Guaranteed Placement Support for Job Seekers, Freshers & Working Professionals.
  • Resume & Interviews Preparation Support
  • Digital Marketing Course is for: Freshers, Employees & Business Owners
Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing training in Kempapura with real-time projects

With our Digital Marketing Training Program here at Digital Marketing Academy, Kempapura, you will work on real-time projects alongside each module.

Who should take the digital marketing course?

Our digital marketing training program is designed to accommodate people from all fields and backgrounds.

Marketing professionals:

Digital marketing has become an integral part of a marketing strategy. Marketing professional are keener on digital marketing because there is a solid data evidence on the money invested into marketing.

The outcome of the Digital Marketing Course for Marketing Professionals.

  • To generate more Lead & sales
  • Integrate digital marketing into your marketing strategies.
  • To have a better communication with your digital marketing team (internal or agency)
  • To maintain the reputation of the brand online
    Execute effective strategies

Professionals who work:

Digital Marketing is a booming industry. If you are looking professional looking for a career change. Then you need to upskill by learning Digital Marketing. By the end of the course you will be able to handle Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing.

Business in India are realizing the fact that Digital Marketing is one the best mediums to promote their products, hence there is rise in requirement for Digital Marketers.  

There are various opportunities for Digital Marketing Professionals who want to make it big in the corporate world.


Bloggers / Vloggers:

Bloggers and Vloggers has become a mainstream medium to earn income by uploading value added content into internet. If you are good at writing and speaking infront of huge audience. Blogging or Vlogging is the career you can choose.

Various business across multiple industries are looking about for influencers who can promote or feature their products on their blogs.

By learning Digital Marketing Bloggers and Vloggers can understand and adapt the technical concepts of Digital Marketing to better on their Blogs/Vlogs


Entrepreneurs or start-ups who are looking to minimize their marketing budget can learn Digital Marketing. This course will help the Entrepreneurs in understanding the core concepts of Social Media Advertisement and Google Ads. Which is the most important medium to promote any business.

Entrepreneurs can minimize their cost of operation by performing the marketing activities in house rather than outsourcing it to expensive marketing agencies.

Learning Digital marketing is a win-win situation, because Entrepreneurs will be in control of their business rather than relying on a third party agencies.


Top tools covered during the Digital Marketing Course

We cover the most popular and the best digital marketing tools during the training. These tools make your day-to-day digital activities easier.
Digital Marketing Tools Used in Course

Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore with Placements

You will receive complete support from us until and after the completion of the course.
Social Beat
Amazon India
ITC InfoTEch


  • We are a Digital Marketing training institute located in Bangalore; we started the institution with a mindset to spread the awareness of Digital Marketing education across India.
  • Digital marketing is the need of the hour for various industry verticals. Due to the rise of internet and mobile users. Most of the organisations are integrating Digital Marketing in their business strategies.
  • Therefore, the search for the “Digital Marketing Course in Kempapura, Bangalore” is growing in demand. It is a skill that helps you improve your skills and opens the door to many opportunities.
  • At Digital Marketing Academy we firmly believe that Digital Marketing is not just a course but much more. It is an opportunity to recognize and explore your skills and unleash your creative side.
  • Digital Marketing is vast as an ocean. Learning Digital Marketing is endless because of the constant update in the technology. We at Digital Marketing Academy always strive to give you the updated course curriculum.
  • The Course curriculum is designed to make the students understand the concepts in a practical which will help in implementation of the concepts to become a successful Digital Marketer.
  • Digital Marketing Academy Classroom training program in Kempapura, Bangalore is dedicated to educate the Digital Marketing aspirants to become a successful Digital Marketer.
  • The classroom training program is run by an instructor with more than 12+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Who will cover the basics to the advanced understanding of digital marketing concepts.
  • The three-month of intensive digital training classroom training program is designed to make your journey to the online world fun and interactive with a focus on practical implementations on live projects in real time.

Digital Marketing Course Certifications

The Digital Marketing course in Kempapura at Digital Marketing Academy comes with two certifications


Digital Marketing Course completion certificate will be awarded by the end of the course.

Based on the test scores and implementation of the practical concepts you will be evaluated and awarded a Digital Marketing performance certificate.

The evaluation of the score and performance is done by the Trainer and Senior trainer of the Digital Marketing Academy..

You will also receive 12+ certificates from various reputed sources like Google and Hubspot which will help you in adding value to your resume.

Google Analytics Certification
Google Ads Certification
HubSpot Inbound Certification
Hubspot Email Certification
Hubspot Content Marketing Certification
Facebook Certification


Here are few of the commonly asked question our students asked that would clear your doubt.

Digital Marketing is one of the best mediums to promote or advertise business. We are living in an age internet 80% of the population use smart phones and laptops for communication, hence there are a lot of targeted audience online. This gives business an opportunity to target the right audience at the right time.

Traditional Marketing has always been a part standard marketing strategy, integration of digital Marketing to traditional marketing has brought a wonderful turn around on the Return of investment.

Hence there is a shift in the marketing strategy from Traditioanal to 

Digital Marketing is one of the best mediums to promote or advertise business. We are living in an age internet 80% of the population use smart phones and laptops for communication, hence there are a lot of targeted audience online. This gives business an opportunity to target the right audience at the right time.

Traditional Marketing has always been a part standard marketing strategy, integration of digital Marketing to traditional marketing has brought a wonderful turn around on the Return of investment.

  • If you’re a Fresher and looking to start your career in a fun creative industry where you get to work on social media and digital platforms.
  • If you’re experienced then this course will help add value to your skill-sets and upgrade your career.
  • If you’re looking for a job that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere then Digital Marketing gives you that freedom.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur or planning to be one then Digital Marketing helps your business start and grow.
  • If you’re a creative person and looking for a course/career to help unleash and market your creativity.

Marketing as a subject has been the same regardless of digital or traditional. If you already have an experience with marketing it will give you an edge on understanding the concepts of Digital Marketing.

Due to the rise in technology and internet media. Digital marketing has an edge over traditional marketing. 

Earning online is not necessarily as easy, quick and glorious as it is made to look like.
It can be a slow long and ongoing process depending on how you decide to earn.
There are three ways to earn online:
1. Adsense: You can create an Adsense account and get paid by allowing ads on your website.
2. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products through your website or other affiliate networks. It works on a revenue sharing basis.
3. Influencer: You can become a Social Media influencer by growing your follower or fan base so companies approach you to promote their products.

There is no predefined requisite or qualification to pursue this course. If you have a basic understanding of the English language and the internet you’re good to get started on the course. 

The only thing you require is a zeal to learn and basic understating of marketing. Communication is an integral part of Digital Marketing hence Command over the language Is an add on. 

It is absolutely fine if you are not from a marketing background. There are so many students who join the course right after their 12th std. The course will give you skills that is required to make money online and also make you a Digital Marketing professional.

Both modes of training is efficient. If you are a person who like to be in a class and learn things there you go.  The classroom training are the ones for you. If you are a working professional and don’t have much time. Then the online sessions are the best.


This is totally upto a person’s discretion. Both deliver the same objective hence choosing on ones own situation is the best thing to do.

No technical skills required for this course. The only thing you need to understand the marketing concepts and working on tools and plugins.


Basic understanding of internet would serve the purpose.

A website is necessary in order to understand the concepts of Digital Marketing and that is why we help students come up with their own website using WordPress. This requires no technical or coding knowledge.
Having a website helps you implement the concepts you learn and helps you get hands-on experience.
We will also ensure you work on other Live Projects during the course to get more exposure and practical experience.

We have students as young as 17 and students with 15 years of experience and from various backgrounds from dropouts to professionals. So, there is no eligibility criteria required to pursue the course.

Yes, we do assist in placements. Though we do not promise or guarantee 100% placements, but we assist you until you get into a job.
Once you start the Digital Marketing Course with us, you will start receiving job opportunity emails. Initially, these emails are to be observed with the kind of requirements, job descriptions the clients ask for in the market and what kind of companies are looking for Digital marketers. Once you are towards the end of the course, we will help you create the resume and also prepare you for the interview.

As per the research and based on our students who got placed recently we understand that for a fresher in Digital Marketing, the salary would range anywhere between 2.5LPA – 3.5LPA. For an experienced person in Digital Marketing, it would depend on his current CTC and kind of projects he/she would have worked on. It’s the performance which will speak.

Companies, where some of our students have joined as Freshers, are: Spry Social Media, Trillant Digital, Social Panga, Ace TurtleServices Ltd., Oath – Verizon, GingerCup, Tata Consultancy Services

And few of our alumni are currently working at: Zomato, Decathlon Sports India, Evoma, Google, Infosys, Accenture, 3M Health Care

These are a few to name.

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